Vistrian was contracted to provide a turnkey solution at the San Jose, Singapore and Malaysia factories of this leading data storage company to implement the FactoryLOOK Manufacturing Intelligence solution for the media manufacturing operation. The project involved a full life cycle of project stages from requirements gathering, design, implementation and maintenance. The solution required use of Ethernet and serial connections to the factory floor equipment and extract thousands of critical data points from the tools the help drive the operation and process performance. The project was deemed successful by demonstration of a tangible ROI in a matter of months and subsequent phases were implemented with hundreds of process tools now feeding data in real-time.



Vistrian has implemented the FactoryLOOK system in 3 factories in Fremont and Milpitas to monitor and manage this customer’s manufacturing support systems in their plants. FactoryLOOK continuously monitors the facilities sub-systems by connecting to the SCADA, PLC and LONWorks controllers to extract hundreds of critical data points for trending, alarming, dashboard and reporting functions. In addition, the command centre of this factory and large status map of the facilities are always on display for immediate corrective actions as needed by their personnel.



Vistrian was engaged by this leading networking equipment maker to provide a set of tools to monitor and manage their manufacturing operations. The implementation required connecting Vistrian BizFACTOR product to databases from various departments such as materials management, quality and RMA, as well as overseas sub-contractor assembly operations. Continuous data replication into Vistrian database server and functionality of dashboards, reports, notifications, ad hoc queries and drill down to the serial number level data were all part of the project deliverables.



This leading probe card manufacturer has implemented Vistrian FactoryLOOK in their Assembly and Test operation to continuously monitor the manufacturing test process. Each of the test equipment continuously communicates with its control PC. Vistrian adapted its Virtual Spider technology to monitor this communication and extract the machine and process status and record the data. The user group was then able to use FactoryLOOK standard dashboards, reports and ad hoc queries to obtain a clear picture of the operation and manage its performance. The project was deemed a success and factory utilization was estimated to have improved by 10% as a result of this implementation.



North America’s leading ingredient chocolate processor implemented FactoryLOOK in their Union City, CA factory to monitor the key processes in the operation.  Performance dashboards and analytics provided by FactoryLOOK enabled this client to derive an ROI in a period of few months, by obtaining accurate estimates of OEE and the associated losses in critical bottleneck processes.  Key initiatives to drive performance improvements lead to capital spending avoidance of an estimated US$ 1 million and capital was diverted to more effective projects and an increase in plant capacity with minimal investments.



 A leading garment manufacturer with 10 plants spread across 5 countries implemented VistrianMMS to streamline its facilities maintenance operations.  Vistrian delivered this solution as a cloud based application for use by facilities engineers and technicians across all the plants.  Additionally, this was coupled with a cloud based FacilityPAD application to provide key equipment and process KPIV data.  The provided the client with a low cost solution while delivering a world-class capability to manage their plant performance and maintenance operations.