FactoryLOOK is currently installed and running successfully in manufacturing sites across multiple industries. Since the application captures real-time data from production tools and processes at extremely high data rates, it provides users a wealth of information which would otherwise not be visible or obtainable.

Some of our solutions working in a wide variety of industry sectors are:

  • Roll to Roll Solar Cell Production Operations
  • Light Emitting Diodes Front-End (Wafer Fab) Manufacturing Operations
  • Probe Card Units Testing & Verification
  • Thin Film Head Manufacturing
  • CdTe Solar Cell Manufacturing
  • Plasma Emitted Diode Manufacturing
  • Rotating Storage Media Manufacturing and Automation
  • Light Emitting Diodes Back-End Manufacturing Assembly Operations
  • Monitoring of World-Wide Contract Manufacturing
  • CIGS Solar Cell Manufacturing
  • Cleanroom Factory Differential pressure monitoring Bay-to-Chase
  • Chocolate Manufacturing Factory Operations
  • Garment Manufacturing
  • Automotive Component Manufacturing

The core capability of any Manufacturing Intelligence solution revolves around its ability to collect, analyse, archive and present the data to the user with a set of powerful yet easy-to-use tools. The data that is required by the customer typically consists of

  • Process data
  • Equipment data
  • Facilities data
  • Environmental data.

The sources of this data include equipment controllers, metrology tool computers, environmental sensors, facilities equipment controls, as well as manual inputs from human operators. Factors such as size of the implementation, number of data sources, frequency of data availability, and duration of data retention, are all taken into consideration at the design stage during implementation.


Vistrian manufacturing intelligence management software was used specifically to help photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers increase cell efficiency and reduce costs.

The increased competitiveness and demand in the solar industry requires PV manufacturers to focus on cell efficiency to maximize margins. Vistrian solutions help PV manufacturers accomplish this, while reducing costs that will further help the industry reach 'grid parity'.

Vistrian solutions incorporate a unique database structure and analysis engine optimized for the unique requirements of any high-volume production process. It provides comprehensive analysis of process performance information, allowing manufacturers to discover and act upon opportunities to improve the energy conversion efficiency of their products. Using Vistrian solutions, PV process engineers can monitor the health of a complete production line and quickly identify tool and sub-component problems as well as incoming material issues that could impact the line. If even possible, this kind of analysis would take hours to perform without Vistrian software.

Vistrian software accepts all available data from each step in the solar manufacturing process. Statistical process control with automated reporting gets critical information to the right people quickly without any delays.


Users of data storage demand steep curves in the product performance evolution. This is evident with the explosion of data (and the associated storage space) in today’s world. Data storage manufacturers with their factories all over the world depend upon Vistrian’s solutions to provide insights into their processes, equipment and operations performance in all stages of their manufacturing processes from substrates to finished components.


A fast ramp to high-yield, volume chip production demands innovation – from chip design to device test to manufacturing systems. Chip manufacturers are challenged to produce and test next-generation devices for computers and mobile electronics with shrinking geometries and expanding performance. To meet these challenged, Vistrian is transforming manufacturing systems with advanced software – helping chipmakers meet their goals for performance and scale, improve yields and reduce the overall cost per chip.

As integrated circuits shrink and so do manufacturing process windows, the number of production parameters to monitor grows in volume and complexity. With the evolution of manufacturing workflow and processes, leading manufacturers drive operational efficiencies by staying ahead with the scalability and expandability of Vistrian’s solutions.


Vistrian empowers decision makers at all levels of the enterprise with a clear view of the entire operation. We provide environments where users discover and are alerted to trends in their operations where users can react and adjust to potential issues in real-time. Real-time data points, accurate production, downtime information via key performance indicators to help manufacturers drive global operational efficiency and competitive market advantage.