Vistrian Manufacturing Intelligence provides continuous visibility into the manufacturing process and production operations to optimize product yields and, plant and equipment utilization. Our resources allows you to collect and analyse data across all departments and interprets, aggregates, calculate, and deliver a single view of relevant events, alerts, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), for real time decision support.


Resources we deliver to areas of corporate accountability:


Executives view information in an “at a glance” form.
View report snapshots and graphs of the production process.
Gain real time visibility into key business drivers.
Achieve measurable performance improvements.
Unify factory processes across the enterprise.


Track the troubleshooting and developing of new processes and track the fixing of existing issues.
Use employee accountability tools to oversee the work of other engineers and make sure work is done in an effective and efficient manner.


Operator access to equipment and process documentation.
Operator input equipment STATE screens at work locations.
Operator sign in sign out accountability at tool capability.
Operator comment input at work location.


Accelerate product development and time-to-market by gaining real-time visibility in the manufacturing process.
Lower the internal and supplier-related costs in the form of production downtimes, product recalls and costs.
Proactively identify, track and resolve quality issues by creating a transparent environment where decisions are based on hard facts and metrics.
Adopt an integrated approach to process development that ensures compliance.

IT Professionals

Vistrian data depository easily integrates with IT professionals corporate data management systems.
IT professionals use our technology as project or technical services managers. The IT project manager is responsible for overseeing individual projects, from communicating with clients to coordinating designers and programmers. Technical services managers direct the computing resources for their company.


Reduce equipment downtime and gain higher return on investment with efficient maintenance scheduling and task assignment
Gain real-time visibility into equipment inventory, maintenance/repair costs and performance metrics
Control non-conformance and deviations by linking equipment with corrective/preventive actions for a closed-loop quality process
Streamline vendor and spares management by interfaces to inventory and procurement systems