Professional Services

Vistrian offers consulting services that help you bring the power of manufacturing intelligence to your organization. We can help you plan your internal projects and leverage your investment in data visibility to maximum potential.


Vistrian provides:

Collaboration Pattern Analysis

A detailed study of employee collaboration patterns will help define the optimal order in which to roll out equipment management capabilities to different employees and groups

Client Build Release

Integration, testing and validation with each unique driver and operating system combination to enable you to include the Vistrian software in your enterprise’s standard PC Integration assistance with third-party applications

Network Management and Support

Advice and assistance in optimizing network configuration and policies in support of data applications

Additional Professional Services

Vistrian provides a range of services for design and installation of Vistrian network solutions, including workflow analysis to identify patterns of collaboration between workgroups using our 15+ years of experience studying the ways people communicate both inside and outside their organizations.

A Vistrian project manager will work with you to determine the optimal configuration, plan and coordinate the installation and provide follow-up support. Although we normally handle the installation of Vistrian systems for our customers, installation by Vistrian is not mandatory. If your information technology group or service partner wants to perform the installation of follow-on orders, Vistrian is ready to enable that with training courses designed to facilitate self-installation.