Maintenance Suite

Smart Integration of your Operations

Vistrian Maintenance Suite provides a set of tools for managing and digitalizing all aspects of equipment maintenance. Prevent unwanted breakdowns and bottlenecks in your production with Vistrian’s intelligent maintenance software. An IIOT application platform to strategically plan your maintenance without interrupting the production line.

Delivered as a service from Vistrian’s cloud server or optionally on customer’s server on-premises as installed software, users access all features of the product with only a web browser, including access using a mobile phone or a tablet.

Integration of Vistrian Maintenance Suite with other Vistrian products such as the Manufacturing Suite will provide all the benefits of the best Industry 4.0 implementation that enables predictive and condition-based maintenance capabilities.

Vistrian Maintenance Management Software (VistrianMMS) systems have a record of managing the maintenance needs of organizations worldwide. VistrianMMS full functionality, paired with its intuitive design, allows you to implement the software program and get results quickly.

Employ the best Facility Management System to your plant with Vistrian FMS. A system that integrates your factory facilities, assets and workforce into a single digital platform. Track maintenance costs, schedule services, manage vendors, and customize alerts for greater control and management of resources.

Get control of your spares inventory, spending and ensure parts availability with this comprehensive application for spares management that works seamlessly with other components of the Maintenance Suite.

Key Features

Work Orders

Manage workflow for maintenance organization


Create, maintain and manage the various checklists needed to keep equipment in top condition


Plan and set up schedules for preventive maintenance actions

Repair Center Management

Exercise better control of activities and workflow within the repair center associated with equipment maintenance

Calibration Management

Track and manage calibration of equipment


Handle TPM activities to minimize unscheduled downtime

Spare Parts Management

Administer spare parts inventory, issuance and stock room

High Value Parts Tracking

Track high value parts throughout the factory including its life, usage, location and value

Dashboards & Reports

Share and view maintenance data with stake holders

Alerts & Notification

Get notified for maintenance alerts and approvals



Improve Asset Utilization & Effectiveness

Keep your equipment well maintained. Achieve optimal effectiveness with 20.1% reduction in equipment downtime.

Enhance Maintenance Productivity

Get accountability, streamline work practices and tracking. Increase maintenance productivity by 28.3%.

Reduce Material

Lead process improvements with better equipment condition. Reduce scrap and lower your material costs by up to 19.4%. .

Reduce MRO

Better utilization of existing inventory with as much as 17.8% reduction in inventory.

Move towards Predictive Analytics

Integrate with other Vistrian software components and have better control of your plant uptime.

Avoid Capital Expenditure

Get more out of your existing equipment.

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