Manufacturing Suite

A Manufacturer’s Gateway to Digitalization!

Companies across the world have begun their journey of adaptation into industry 4.0 to build out intelligent factories by digitally transforming their operations in all aspects.

Vistrian’s Manufacturing suite of software products is targeted towards manufacturing companies of all sizes and in a wide variety of industry segments. Get all your process, equipment and operational data converted to actionable information. Add IOT devices to gain more visibility into your factory. A set of components to connect your plant floor in near real-time, operate and manage performance at an individual machine, line, plant or enterprise level.

The Manufacturing Suite is used every day in over a dozen different industry segments. Our clients in more than 10 countries in Asia and North America have reported payback periods of less than a year on average after the adoption of Manufacturing Suite in their operation.

With Factory LOOK, drive digital transformation and improve operations performance by connecting to machines, metrology-tools and IOT devices, collecting and processing data to provide analytics and insights in near real-time.

Aggregate and visualize production and process information on Vistrian Dashboards to enjoy complete visibility of your plant. Level up to Smart Manufacturing by centralizing data, gathering faster insights and encouraging data-driven decisions

Maximise operating time of critical assets by analyzing performance data of machines to anticipate future downtime and identify the root cause of the problem during production. With Vistrian Analytics you can identify patterns to increase supply chain efficiency.

Interconnect your industrial environment with IIOT solutions. Enable information transparency among your machines and tightly control and improve uptime of individual assets to operate with higher efficiency.

Key Features

Equipment Integration

Connect to equipment controllers

Data Acquisition

Collect data like cycle time, output, yield, equipment and process parameters from equipment


Collect data from other sensors in the factory


Paper to paperless factory through digitalization of data collection.


Store data in a digital format for the future

Data Analytics

Analyze, generate metrics like OEE, Yield, Output and benefit from data visualization

SPC (Statistical Process Control)

Apply SPC rules and tools in your production

Virtual Factory

Graphically represent your factory

Dashboards & Reports

Share and view factory data with stakeholders

Alerts & Notification

In case of any deviation from set norms



Boost Product Quality

Drive process improvements and reduce scraps in your production with real-time data.

Improve Equipment Utilization

Enjoy faster troubleshooting with equipment & process data. Adjust PM with condition-based criteria.

Improve Cycle Time

Put an end to the causes of loss in cycle time. Benchmark by comparing M2M.

Reduce Consumables Cost

Eliminate costs on paper and ink. Reduce frequency of filter, oil and lube change with usage-based scheduling.

Reduce Labor Content

Mitigate manual data collection and tracking while also improving accuracy.

Avoid Capital Expenditure

Derive benefits from data driven decisions (and not formulaic).

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